Feel The Heat Of The Real War With Combat Wings: The Great Battles Of WWII

1939 saw the uprising of a war whose outcome had literally left Earth in an apocalyptic state. As all the great powers of the world had divided into two opposing military alliances, they were ready to rip apart each other through every mean possible. One of the most used mean was fighter planes. Although they weren’t any thing like today’s F-16s but they had the potent enough to break down the enemy’s ground and water machines.

Combat wings World War II 1

So keeping that potent in mind, City Interactive decided to make a game on it and they ended up creating the killer “Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII”. They themselves are publishing it and its going to be released on 31st august 2010.

Combat wings World War II 2

The game plot is based on the blood drenched dramatic battles which was being fought on air as all the heroic pilots attempt to dominate the air. The player can defend Great Britain by restricting the German Luftwaffe from gaining an upper hand. They can even take part in the massive efforts being made by Red Army on the east or take revenge against the Japanese air forces while playing as an American.

Combat wings World War II 3

Filled with over 20 combat missions with killer battlefront features of World War II (Battle of Eastern Front, Pacific and Britain). The player gets to fly over 25 airplanes which includes the American, British and Russian machines. It’s filled with action and excellent fight modes. The Wii remote introduces an unique system of gaming style and experience.

I am pretty sure that this game will rock, not only because of its story but because of its over all features. It’s available for $27.99.

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