The Beauty & Potential Of Nintendo Games In HD

No better proof that the future looks bright for the next batch of games on Nintendo’s next console, but with their Dolphin emulated counterparts that look simply amazing.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Dolphin 1

With the Nintendo WiiU coming out next year, a key check-list feature many a Nintendo nerd have tossed their hopes on to, is the promise of Mario and Zelda in full glorious high-definition. Just exactly how that will look and the number of pants that will be changed upon first sight though, is the bigger question.

Of course for those who have been closely following the Nintendo homebrew crowd should be quite familiar with the Nintendo Wii emulator, known as the Dolphin, and its ability to display some Wii games in HD resolution.

Starting in 2003, the Dolphin began life as a Game Cube emulator. And through many passion-invested updates, became the open-source Wii emulation powerhouse known the Internet over today. Out of which, we’ve gotten post-makeover images of sub-HD games looking absolutely fantastic, somehow even miles better than it’s traditional Wii counterpart.

Bearing that in mind, I’ve chosen more than a good few Wii games (first and third party) that if you haven’t yet seen given the full Dolphin upgrade into HD – then welcome to this convenient gallery of images that might possibly have your eyes filled with glorious tears.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Dolphin 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – The clear choice and a stunning example of how the universe of Mario really stands out from anything else in the industry.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Dolphin

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Cel shaded graphics not only look crisp in a higher resolution the colors pop out like firework on the 4th.

Resident Evil 4 Dolphin

Resident Evil 4 (Capcom) – Zombies. In high-definition. Do I need to say more. Okay, they’re not really zombies — more like crazy virus-infected people, but my point still applies!

Sonic Colors Dolphin

Sonic Colors (Sega) – Sonic might have some missteps when it comes to gameplay, but great pineapples does his games look so amazing great in HD.

Metroid Other M Dolphin

Metroid Other M – Cold, dark, but oh so right. Things just feel more capturing in HD, especially good news for games that absolutely need you to be engaged in order to feel its emotive impact, like the Metroid series.

Xenoblade Dolphin

Xenoblade – Sadly we might never get to play this wonderful Japanese role-playing game in North America, but we’ll always have the screen shots of its beautiful cinematic landscapes. And boy do they look fantastic.

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