Super Mario Bros 3 Converse Shoes

The Super Mario Brothers have always been quick and nimble on their feet and it is no wonder then that this fan chose to decorate his shoes with images of Mario on his converse shoes! The game gets better with each expansion and adding these shoes to your collection only goes to show the game has no boundaries.


The simple black and white converse shoes are brightened up with images from Super Mario 3 smack at the back of the shoes and hand painted with great attention to detail. If Mario flying or getting ready to kick another turtle out of his way is not your favorite image from the game, then you can always have yours custom made from the designer.


It appears that only one pair of these weatherproof converse shoes are available at the moment for $70 from Paradox Artistry but try your luck and perhaps you can flaunt Luigi on your shoes instead. And if wearing Super Mario 3 Converse shoes aren’t enough of a declaration for your love of the game then you can always get a huge Super Mario Back Tattoo. Either ways, you know you have to let others know you’re the biggest fan!


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15 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros 3 Converse Shoes

  1. Frances .

    I am interested in purchasing a pair of sneakers for my son but would like to know if you have a pair with Luigi instead of Mario in a size 8 mans shoe

  2. Tom .

    Hi Frances,

    The maker, Paradox Artistry (shop link inside post), custom makes these, so you may contact them regarding a Luigi shoe. Hope you get some 🙂

  3. Rachelle Williams .

    Hello, I’m Rachelle, the artist for Paradox Artistry. My site was just launched and I am taking custom orders. Reply to Frances: I can do Luigi, and it’s $25.00 USD for each simple character plus the cost of the shoes. So if you go with an off brand high top, it would be a total of $75.00 for a Luigi on each shoe, or if you’d prefer, Luigi on one shoe, and Mario on the other. More information and designs at my website.

  4. brittane .

    hi! i lovee your work its so amazing! i was wondering how much it would cost me for a pair of the mario good vs. evil hi tops…size womens 11…thanks!

  5. Eloisa .


  6. Jedi Spiers .

    i love the nintendo sneakers i want to buy them but i dont know what web site to buy them at and how much are they. thank you (:

  7. billiga converse .

    I don’t know why, but here in Sweden… everybody wears a pair of converse shoes. It’s everything from the classic ones to lupe fiasco-models. No matter if you’re a 6 year old girl or if you’re an old man… you’re supposed to wear converse. It’s just like that in Sweden. I own a pair of green converse, and that’s all I need at the moment. Without converse, there would be no me. Hahahah, take care!

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  9. jessica .

    Hi my nephew who is 4 birthday is coming up and loves super mario wondering if you still sell those converse with mario on it

  10. Carolinna Barbosa .

    do you speak spanish???
    donde puedo encontrar esas converse de Mario???????????? estoy interesada en comprarlas !!! in want to buy this Marioa converse how much??? how can i get it ??? im from Lima Peru

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