Wii U Miiverse Gets A Slight New Makeover

With a unified Miiverse on the way, Nintendo takes some steps to improve the user experience for their social network.

Wii U Miiverse new changes image 1

Miiverse is coming. To the Nintendo 3DS, that is. Early in November, Nintendo announced that their social network introduced on the Wii U last year would be launching on the handheld side with an upcoming firmware update sometime in December, and this week Wii U users have started to see nuanced changes to the user interface.

With the influx of communities centered around 3DS games being introduced next door to the existing crop of Wii U ones, most of the tweaks are focused on ease of use and discoverability. The first nice change is a better extensive list of Miiverse communities – represented with that new blue bar in the page – that are now arranged according to latest software releases; so say, if this week’s biggest release is Super Mario 3D world (which, no duh, it is), then that game’s community will likely be at the top of the charts.

Wii U Miiverse new changes image 2

Another welcome interface difference comes within Miiverse communities itself. Instead of any new post being highlighted first, the default option has been changed to where only those users who have played the game in question will appear most prominently. That tiny fix alone should be excellent news for Miiverse communities, and will hopefully insure activity within them will stay buzzing like a hornet’s nest of goofy pictures.

The last Miiverse change is a odd one, but I can see the reasoning now that I think about it. Basically, the number of “Yeahs” on each person’s profile page has been removed completely, although they’re still clearly visible on individual posts for what what it’s worth. Perhaps this a forward move to put “Yeah” beggars, the Miiverse version of Facebook “Like Me Please” spammers, in their place, which I don’t personally mind at all.

As December approaches, Nintendo should be making more improvements to the Miiverse as they prepare for one Miiverse to rule them all – Wii U and 3DS. So stay here on WiiNoob for more news on that, what a Super Mario Galaxy stage in the next Super Smash Bros. will look like, and where you can get some cheap 3DS units.

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