You Really Got To See Them All, Pokemon Made From LEGOs

If you already thought that the challenge of catching the unthinkable number of Pokemon was time consuming enough, then imagine the amount of time spent making them out of tiny plastic bricks, which one dedicated (you’d have to be) Filip Johannes Felberg did.

Pokemon Ninth Batch by Filip Johannes Felberg

I’m sure we can all come to a full agreement that LEGOs are cool. Just the sheer fun of building pirate ships, temples of doom, and wizardly castles – really anything – out of multi-colored blocks is an experience worth necessary (that is until you lose a key piece – drats!) Combine that with those cute little digital creatures from Nintendo, and you’ve got yourself a crossover of ultimate greatness that can’t be matched.

With that in mind, check out these fantastic looking Pokemon models made entirely out of LEGO blocks. They’re made by Filip Johannes Felberg, a Flickr user, with apparently a lot of talent with LEGO blocks, and perhaps a lot of time on his hands.

Which, the latter half I’m totally okay with if all his brilliant creations look this freakin’ cool.

025 Pikachu by Filip Johannes Felberg

Filip has built, currently, 36 varieties of Pokemon out of LEGO blocks. There’s everyone’s sweetheart, that yellow electric mouse, Pikachu; along with other highly sought after Pokemon types such as Psyduck, Jigglypuff, and Koffing. There’s a pretty ample selection (even that one Pokemon that Nintendo had to alter it’s color to avoid racial insensitivity) if you visit his Flickr site.

169 Crobat by Filip Johannes Felberg

Each square-rounded model is so incredibly well made, and so incredibly impossible to tell apart from their Nintendo portable counterpart. They almost look like they could spring to life (which is both an awesome and terrifying thought if you think about the potential destructive damage one of these things could cause with a fire attack.)

104 Cubone by Filip Johannes Felberg

Now don’t think with a hearty number of 36, that Filip has put aside his Pokemon-Lego making ways. Not at all. Filip promises on his Pokemon devoted Flickr page that he will try his hardest to create four new Pokemon statues every week.

That’s a pretty tall order. Geeze, I would’ve been peachy with just one sweet-looking model when ever time allows, but I’m super glad he’s going for gold with this project.

Speaking of other awesomely fan made creations, who about this Nintendo GameBoy Papercraft, or perhaps these tasty looking Wii Party Cakes.

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