Mega Man Christmas Tree Is Mega Festive For The Holidays

I hope Santa Clause is a big fan of the blue bomber, because this Mega Man themed Christmas tree will be lighting up the holidays for this particular gamer’s home.

Mega Man Christmas Tree Image 3

One of my first Christmas video game related memories has to be when I was around 10 or 11, when I received my first push into gaming medium. At that point in my short life my collective knowledge of gaming was pretty much limited to trips to the local mall arcade, or the one friend down the street with a NES or Game Boy. (By the way, Star Trek is a horrible game.)

That all changed once I opened up the brightly colored gift-wrapping to my Super Nintendo console, along with Super Mario World, UN Squadron, and Hyper Zone. I still remember that Christmas day were I wasted what would be the first of many other wasted days playing video games.

But as great as that lone Christmas day was, in nowhere was there ever a fantastic Christmas tree dedicated to one of the big stars of the 8-bit NES age Mega Man, decorated by Beatboxtaun and his/her family.

Mega Man Christmas Tree Image 2

Talk about a “Blue Christmas” huh. (Oh yeah, I went there.) Of course not the kind with tears that is for sure. Instead this cute tree, featuring a cavalcade of characters and items from the Mega Man series, is sure to bring lots of joy and smiles.

Every mechanical boss character from the first Mega Man, to the latest – Mega Man 10, is here (bonus nerd points if you can name them all.) The tree is also pinned with E-Tanks and Mega Man pellets, and if you look up carefully you will spot Mega Man himself as the tree top. How super-awesome!

A Wii Remote mod that makes games even more accessible? How incredible. Oh, and so is this NES cartridge turned Wireless internet router which has to be seen to be believed.

Via: 8bitfix

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