Sega’s ‘Aliens: Infestation’ Coming October 11th For Nintendo DS

An infestation of frantic action and creepy discovery comes to the Nintendo DS in Aliens: Infestation, October 11th. Aliens Infestation Logo

“Full Circle.” Normally when this term is flinged around, it more or less describes a situation where one instance returns to its first source of inspiration. Take for example, the 1986 original Metroid for the NES which was heavily inspired by Alien, the seminal 1979 sci-fi horror film Ridley Scott.

Meanwhile, Aliens: Infestation by Way Forward Technologies (published by Sega) is a Nintendo DS title arriving in October that appears heavily inspired by Metroid. There. “Full Circle.” But straight on point, if ever there was a game that looked created by some super-legion of gamers, this was it.

For one thing, it’s a side-scrolling 2D Alien game done in perfectly fitting style of a Metroid title. Two, it’s being made by 2D masterminds Way Forward (you might of heard of them, Contra 4, A Boy and His Blob), and if anyone where to pull off a game of this non-linear exploration type successfully, it’s these guys.

Lastly, it doesn’t hold back. And what I mean is that Aliens: Infestation doesn’t shy away from the ghastly experience that an Aliens game should be – an intense game of hide and seek between your military rescue unit and the xenomorphs. Where you are most certainly the pray and life is as ever a precious commodity.

Aliens Infestation Image 1

More importantly, what Way Forward does to achieve this is by creating a game with no continues. During Aliens: Infestation you control a squad of up to 19 marines, and if one so happens to meet his/her ends, they’re gone for good (although there are ways to save captured allies.) But, if you so happen to lose all 19 members – then its game over, man, game over man – start form the beginning please.

Aliens Infestation Image 2

If challenge of the 2D Metroid variety, wrapped up in a plot and setting of an Aliens movie not out on the silver screen, you should certainly check out Aliens: Infestation coming to the Nintendo DS on October 11. It might as well be the last true great hurrah (or scream in this situation) for the mighty dual-screen handheld – so don’t miss out.

Also, don’t miss out on Link’s latest adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, now set for a November 20th launch in North America.

Via: Joystiq


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