Behold The Mighty ‘Tetris Master’ In This YouTube Video!

Behold! Quite possibly the greatest Tetris player on Earth, being a boss at a round of this classic puzzler in this YouTube video.

Tetris Master Screen

Tetris. The be all, end all, classic puzzle game known the whole world over. Japanese gamer Jin8 (a.k.a TGM HOLiC) The be all, end all, best Tetris player most likely not known the whole world over — and such a mighty shame too.

This prodigy of multi-colored block elimination, is amazing skilled with a god-like precision that’s instantly eye gluing. Oh a non-believer I see? Okay then, be prepared for your minds to be cleared away like the rows of blocks in this YouTube video of Jin8 playing a round of Tetris: The Grand Master 3.

The particular Tetris title above is actually from a series of arcade games created by Japanese developer Arika (Street Fighter EX, Endless Ocean) — which brainstormed new mechanics to be later used in all Tetris games going forward like Tetris 64 & Tetris Party: Deluxe.

But that’s way besides the overall point and what I really should be saying is — Great ghost of Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov! That was totally wicked!

Hmm… you know I can think of only one such way for a person to become so impressively good at Tetris. Unfortunately it requires an answer that’s super non-PG and well below my journalistic integrity (right hand + lots of time in the bathroom = you know the rest don’t make me spell it out!)

I should also point out in the YouTube video above that they call this certain playstyle, Invisible Tetris. Obviously because blocks randomly appear so fast on the playing field that they seem to be magically hidden by the naked eye upon first sight. Speaking of first sight — these beautiful Nintendo 3DS skins from DecalGirl will steal yours with their awesome looks!

Via: GoNintendo

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