Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference Set For June 7th

Get ready for all the excitement that E3 brings, because Nintendo has set a date for its press conference that is sure to blow you away!

Nintendo E3 2011 Date Image

Boy-oh-boy, already this years Electronic Entertainment Expo is shaping up to be the best ever. Then again… we do kind of say that with every approaching E3, but with good reasoning. Simply put, the amount of surprises around every convention hall corner makes this time of the year feel almost Christmas day like. And who doesn’t like Christmas (seriously name names people — I want to find out and lead an angry mob to their houses.) 

Lining up a bag of surprises of their own, Nintendo just recently announced their E3 press conference for Tuesday June 7th at 9 AM Pacific (that’s 12 PM for all you living in Eastern standard time.) Already we know from a brief announcement weeks ago that the star of the show will be the successor to the Nintendo Wii, dubbed unofficially Project Café – a console that is surrounded by so much mystery and crazy speculations that it makes the plot to the Resident Evil games seem less confusing by comparison.

Project Cafe Fake Mock-up Image 1

All of the information about this unknown gaming console always seems to contradict itself from one moment to the next. One report says Project Cafe does support 1080p, then the next, it doesn’t. Another says that the controller is tablet shaped – but wait, no it’s shaped like a GameCube controller. Then the next will report that it can travel time and serve strawberry-banana smoothies — and nope — that’s wrong too. Okay-okay, the last one I made up, but with all the scuttlebutt that’s been flying around – who knows.

Let’s just say that whatever Nintendo’s new gaming machine looks like, and more importantly, what its features are – it’s going to be the main talk of the show. As for the Nintendo Wii though, I’m sure adequate time for the best-selling console ever will be given (what with it recently being given a price cut and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on its way,) but sadly to say — I doubt it will get much buzz in the grand scale of things.

Super Mario Bros 3DS GDC Image

The rest of Nintendo’s E3 keynote will certainly be a Nintendo 3DS showcase. Out of the gate in March, sales for the 3D glasses-free handheld haven’t been all to Nintendo’s liking, so be prepared for a strong pitch of what’s to come software wise, including more information about the upcoming Super Mario Bros. game for the 3DS.

With all this awesome anticipating news, its sure is looking like a happy time if you are a big fan of the house of Mario or just a gamer in general – what with a new Nintendo console and loads of interesting 3DS titles (say Ocarina of Time 3D) on the horizon.

Via: IGN

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