Super Mario Converse All-Star’s Debuting In Japan

To celebrate 25 awesome years of the classic NES game Super Mario Bros., Converse is making a special pair of Mario-themed Chucks to be offered in Japan.

Super Mario 25th Anniversary All-Stars Image 1

I might not be an expert when it comes to trendy feet fashions, but do know at least two general rules of thumb that everyone should live by: 1) Open-toe sandals over white socks is a big no-no, and 2) A nice pair of Converse shoes is cooler than the other side of the pillow, especially a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Not only do Converses look cool, but they’re the most casual of shoes to own too; just perfect to wear for everyday occasions. Geeze, the last pair of Converse shoes I had – classic red Chucks by the way – I wore out till the souls looked like Swiss cheese (and no my feet smell just fine, thank you very much.)

It seems though, that I’m not the only one with the same strong admiration for Converse kicks, because Nintendo is working with the shoe company to make a unique kind of foot apparel to celebrate the belated birthday of a video game legend, Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Super Mario 25th Anniversary All-Stars Image 2

The little Italian plumber-starring game that could, and did, blew the candles out on 25 memorable years of Goomba squashing, warp pipe jumping, and “Princess is in another castle” rescuing that changed an industry and influenced an infinite amount of games that were to come after it. And with such a large legacy, Converse will offer, in Japan at least for now, a Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary special edition Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe.

Available in either black or white canvas, these particular shoes will be branded with tiled classic 8-bit Mario sprites – oh and even the tradition star in the famous Chuck Taylor All-Star logo has been given a cute star power-up touch (with minus the invisibility powers, sadly) that no silly collectible Mario ceiling fan can beat. No direct word whether the rest of the planet will miss out on these special pair of All-Stars, but we did get that Super Mario Bros. All-Stars game last year – so heres hoping.

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