Nintendo eShop Delayed To June 6

June 6 is the now the new day that Nintendo’s digital store for it’s Nintendo 3DS launches in North America.

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I hope you weren’t waiting with Nintendo 3DS in hand for the arrival of the Nintendo 3DS eShop come this late May (whenever that was suppose to be) because Nintendo has pushed back the date to the North American launch of its digital store to June 6 — which funny enough, is the day before their large-stage keynote at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Whether that interesting detail has any bearing on this update is a bucket full of unknowns for now, but what is certain is that on the evening of June 6 Pacific time (which is 9 PM Eastern time,) Nintendo will issue the next firmware update that will include the eShop, DSiWare transfer, Internet browser, and other features.

With the Nintendo 3DS eShop comes the introduction of the Virtual Console — a segment of the digital store that acts very much like a portable version of the Nintendo Wii’s own retro gaming one-stop-shop. There, Nintendo 3DS owners can buy classic portable games from the Nintendo Gameboy or Gameboy Color, along with titles from the Sega Game Gear and TurboGraphx-16.

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The classics don’t just stop there though. The eShop update also brings with it the 3D Classics line, where classic games are updated with new 3D effects and are a perfect fit for the Nintendo 3DS and it’s triple dimension wowing screen. As a cool welcoming gift, Nintendo will even be offering one of these 3D classics — 3D Excitebike —  free to download (for a limited time) once the eShop opens for business.

Personally one other key feature that I find significant about the eShop update, is that purchases will no longer use the baffling points system, and instead use a convenient dollar domination system. It’s a change that is quickly apparent on new prepaid 3DS eShop cards that come in $20 amounts and are available right now through some major retail chains like Best Buy. It is a welcome change that I’m sure many gamers can give a hardy thumbs-up to or in one person’s case a AR card tattoo.

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