Nintendo DSi Phone Rumor

The Nintendo DSi has been popular with gamers ever since its release and the news that Nintendo was looking for individuals to create non-gaming applications for it had been well received by fans. The latest news is that the Nintendo DSi may also be used as a phone, and this may actually work technically unlike the Nintendo DSi Lego.


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata mysteriously revealed in an interview that Nintendo does not intend to release a console that could double up as a phone. However, he also added that in such a case a monthly subscription would become the norm. This added statement is what has gamers excited.

With the Wi-Fi feature of the Nintendo DSi, it has already been shown that the handheld is capable of playing the dual role as a gaming device and also a mobile phone. All the DSi needs is a VoIP phone application and most gamers would definitely hope for this. Although game applications are already available on phones, it hasn’t led gamers away from their favorite handhelds and the presence of a phone application on the DSi would only make phones obsolete.

Via: ElectricPig

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