Nintendo DS Lite GTA Chinatown Wars Mod

Since the conception of the game, Grand Theft Auto has remained one of the most popular games becoming almost synonymous with the words best-game-of-the-century. Now Nintendo forays into a new culture by bringing you Grand Theft Auto set in Chinatown for the DS Lite.Nintendo DS Lite GTA Chinatown Wars Mod

GTA: Chinatown Wars released just a few days ago and in celebration Nintendo World Store had displayed a custom Nintendo DS Lite. With a hint of the oriental, the DS Lite was a fiery red and black, colors of the dragon, and sat amongst figurines of the Chinatown Wars characters who all looked quite angry and violent.

Over the years the game has been criticized for being too violent and supposedly encouraging auto theft and other immoral acts but its popularity hasn’t dimmed. Although I can’t figure out what could be different from GTA London or GTA San Andreas, it is expected that Chinatown Wars will be more popular than the previous expansions.

So far, the DS Lite console has offered fascinating games that haven’t truly been violent in the sense of the word. This move to release GTA: Chinatown Wars on DS Lite has been deemed quite surprising but is perhaps a good move, introducing a slightly different genre for those who like a more engaging game. So get ready because Chinatown Wars will have you dodging bullets and accelerating to get to the end of the game in record time.

Via: Joystiq

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