Nintendo DS Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Trailer

Hyrule has had a super transformation. The latest Legend of Zelda expansion, Spirit Tracks, would have fans of the Nintendo game quite curious. A trailer of the new version shows that the legendary land has undergone a huge change.


Upgrading the whole scenario a bit, the trailer shows transportation in the land of Hyrule in trains instead of the old and traditional form of slow boats and rumbling tumbling carriages. Link is still seen battling in his old green attire and Zelda is still the same beautiful princess waiting for Link’s arrival. The change in transportation across Hyrule may make it seem more modern but steam trains are quite old fashioned; after all, Link isn’t seen driving around in a Legend of Zelda Car yet.

Though the slight change in the look of the game may have fans who are used to the old scenario slightly disappointed, it appears that the only thing that can truly sadden a Legend of Zelda fan is the news that the game may not be available on Wii. Fans were impatiently waiting for a Wii Zelda and the appearance of the trailer revealing a handheld has everyone going slightly insane.

The graphics look really great and the trailer still doesn’t mean that a Wii Zelda may not be out sometime soon. Until then, satisfy your Legend of Zelda hunger with a Zelda Bento Box!

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