Factory Stolen Nintendo 3DS Shown In Video And Pictures

Ancient Chinese secret no more; leaked media of a Nintendo 3DS, reportedly stolen off a Chinese assembly line, pops up on the web and makes headlines.

Nintendo 3DS Leaked Image 1

What would you say would be the fastest way to get on the bad side of one of the world’s most influential and successful video game companies? And no — besides writing an unflattering negative review of one of their games.

How about five-finger discounting a yet-to-be released gaming device from one of their manufacturing plants in China, take pictures and video of said device, and then upload that hot media onto the Internet faster than a secret task force can be called in for a surprise take-down attack.

Behold, unofficial pictures and video of a Nintendo 3DS months before it hits retailers in Japan, and eventually the rest of the world. Word on the internet is that this particular Nintendo 3DS, as I mentioned forehand, was stolen from a Chinese manufacturing plant – right off the assembly line in fact. (Again, reportedly.)

Nintendo 3DS Leaked Image 2

Nintendo 3DS Leaked Image 5

Nintendo 3DS Leaked Image 4

Other than that interesting tidbit, still the same glossy 3D glasses-free Nintendo 3DS we’ve seen plenty of times already through press releases and what not – although this unit seems to be missing its back battery plate.

But this omission, along with a quick boot-up of the system, let’s us luckily peak at a few left-in-the-dark specs to the Nintendo 3DS. Internet sleuths have taken notice that this model boasts 96MB of RAM (impressively more space than its big brother Nintendo Wii) and a 1300 mAh battery, both of which beat the pants off any current Nintendo DS unit on the market.

Pretty much a powerful engine under the hood for the Nintendo 3DS, as expected — with a higher-performing battery to make sure it can run efficiently too – at least, that is if this model is the final version, or just an in-development one.

Either way, enjoy this media as a tasty little appetizer, because this January Nintendo has a healthy dose of Nintendo 3DS information heading our way in the coming weeks.

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Via: 3DS Buzz

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