Nintendo 3DS Easter Eggs: Giant AR Cards, Fishing For Mario Cheep Cheeps & More

Can’t afford any games after you buy your Nintendo 3DS? Here are some awesome little distractions to the device that might entertain you for a good while.

Nintendo 3DS Event Picture

It’s a mighty rare distinction for a gaming handheld to be entertaining without the one thing that makes it entertaining in the first place – games. From first-hand accounts of the Nintendo 3DS and all of its in-box extras, from augmented reality card games to the pre-installed software, it seems Nintendo’s newest product does just that.

Including some rather amusing Easter Eggs that Nintendo themselves might have not imagined for their 3D enhanced portable –  compiled here (thanks to for ease and your own experimentation when you get a hold of a Nintendo 3DS yourself:

1. Dance, Dance 3DS

Just at first glance the 3DS’s main menu looks normal enough, but underneath its slick presentation is a dance party ready to explode. You see, the menu items all spin when being selected, and they spin faster when you blow into the microphone. Turn on some loud music next to the device and watch it as it twirl and bops to music like a glow-stick swinging raver.

2. Game & Watch Visualizer

Game & Watch Nintendo 3DS Visualizer

The 3DS’s audio visualizer has its own Easter egg, specifically the visualizer based upon Nintendo’s classic Game & Watch handhelds. This one features a stick-figure balancing a soccer ball on his head, which you can either watch him try to keep it in the air, or control him with the circle pad and score as many header points as possible.

3. Fishing For Mario Cheep Cheeps

Mario Cheep Cheeps Fishing

You’ll have to buy the Free Fishing augmented reality game before you can try this one out, but when you do, you’ll find that by placing the “?” box card on a different colored surface will pop up different kind of fish – with a red surface popping up a school of Mario Cheep Cheeps into your waters. Other color surfaces will make other things appear for you to catch, but that’s a secret you’ll have to discover for yourself.

4. Giant Augmented Reality Cards

Already copies of the “?” box card, which the augmented reality function of the 3DS uses to visualize images in the real world,  are available online, and you can print them out into any size, creating life-size versions of your favorite Nintendo characters or Miis the size of giant robots.

5. Strange 3DS Sleep Mode Glitch

One surprisingly weird Easter egg is a video captured glitch that is completely baffling. When playing a game, closing the 3DS’s lid will logically put it into sleep mode, but one person found that by putting it on top of a Nintendo DS lite, the 3DS will strangely turn back on with lid closed!

The Nintendo 3DS arrives March 27 to North America, along with a good list of launch games if you’ve got any money left over to afford any.

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