Does The Nintendo 3DSs Battery Last 3 To 5 Hours?

Nintendo says that the Nintendo 3DS has an average battery life of 3 to 5 hours, but a recent test shows that little estimation might be less than likely.

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With the Nintendo 3DS already in the hands of gamers across North America and Europe, it’s time for some deep investigating of the new portable platform – especially the battery life, which Nintendo has claimed to be between 3-5 hours, but is that really true? Or are Nintendo’s own estimates further from the truth.

Recently, the German gaming site performed a laundry list of different battery tests with the Nintendo 3DS, using different system level set-ups to see how long the 3DS would actually last in each instance. Here are their findings:

  • Settings at max – 2 hours & 7 minutes

With every setting to their fullest (brightness and volume at their highest, plus both Wi-Fi and 3D on,) the Nintendo 3DS pooped out at a measly 2 hours. Honestly, this was a easy given, seeing as how much juice is needed to power the 3DS effect. According to Nintendo, for the extra dimensional effect to work on the 3DS, power to the system’s backlight has to be increased – ergo less battery life.

  • Settings at low – 4 hours & 47 minutes

At the other end of the spectrum, turning every setting on the Nintendo 3DS to it’s lowest (no Wi-Fi or 3D either) resulted in better battery performance (who would of guessed!) What’s even more revealing in this specific test though, is that even at its battery-saving best the 3DS can’t even guarantee the five hours that Nintendo themselves estimated.

  • Settings at average: 3 hours & 37 minutes

These settings might be the best way to experience all the the Nintendo 3DS has to offer, while preserving the most battery time. For this test, the settings were as followed: brightness level at 50% (so level 3 brightness out of the possible 5,) energy saving mode on, volume at 50%, 3D effect on, and Wi-Fi disabled.

Compared to having everything turned on at max, this set-up gains you an extra hour and 30 minutes – not bad at all, but not exactly something to champion either.

  • Settings with no 3D: 4 hours & 36 minutes

So what about ditching the 3D effect altogether? Well, with no 3D effect, brightness at 2/5, Wi-Fi enabled, and the volume set at 50% – this resulted in the second best option to prolonging battery life (behind putting every setting on it’s lowest.) I guess not being able to see 3D or being terribly sick by it’s effect, comes with power-saving advantages.

Finally, tested how long just playing regular old Nintendo DS games (like Pokemon Black/White) would fair, and in that department the 3DS lasted a good 4 hours and 56 minutes. Again, not bad at all, but when you compare this device to past Nintendo handhelds it doesn’t quite stack up. Thankfully, there are some present solutions, like Nyko’s Power Pak + which promises to double the battery life of the 3DS, to help you get the most playtime out of your Nintendo 3DS.

Via: Planet 3DS

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