PDair Leather Case for Nintendo DSi

Imagine this scenario. You are on your way to an exclusive party, but you cannot leave your DSi behind. However, you are afraid that all the chic and cool people would find it totally inappropriate to carry your DSi all the way to parties!

dsi leather case

What you could do is, you could turn the threat into an opportunity and make them understand that walking aro0und with DSi is actually cool! You would however need to buys something cool like the PDair Leather Case which has just been launched for the DSi. It comes in a book type form and is made of high quality leather and has many compartments and slots.

It has 2 game card slots and 3 memory card slots and you could easily open and close it, thanks to the magnetic studs. Of course, it also looks very beautiful and it could perhaps be because of the exquisite leather design. It almost looks like a designer purse, if you asked me. You could also check out the Nintendo DS Like Chocolate Case, which is pretty cute too.

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