Control Your Memory With A NES Controller USB Drive

The coolest and retro-ish USB external storage drive you probably have ever seen, and it comes in built inside a NES controller.

NES Controller USB Drive

When the brainy trust-group at Nintendo first designed the controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in circa 1983, they brilliantly created a videogame industry standard that would last well beyond the revolutionary 8-bit console it debuted on.

It all started with four buttons, A, B, Start & Select, and of course the famous cross-shaped control pad, invented by the late great Gunpei Yokoi, all on a hand-friendly shape – now twenty plus years later it’s a blueprint that just can’t be beat, whether it be out of simple practicality or sheer geekiness.

And truly, what better way to improve upon such refined qualities, but to add another level geek-sheik and well-rounded usefulness with a USB external storage drive (that’s what you we’re all thinking about right?) From 8BitMemory’s online store on you can now pick up a NES Controller USB drive that come in several memory capacity-holding flavors, the cheapest being 4GB for $29.99.

That might be a slight bit on the pricy side — but hey — you got to dole out a little more to get your retro gaming trappings. You can also get 8BitMemory’s NES Controller USB drives up to 32GB ($79.99) – and because of the classic Nintendo controller’s slim rectangular form-factor is perfect to lug around just in case you need the extra space for your tech set-up.

Legend of Zelda Gold Cartridge USB Drive

8BitMemory also carries USB drives in the form of NES cartridges too, so if you wanted to take your nostalgia for all things pre-disc based gaming era to even deeper passion, say with a USB drive in the shape of a gold Legend of Zelda cartridge, then have at mi amigos. Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to decide on which fantastic Nintendo 3DS skin to choose from DecalGirl.

Via: 8BitMemory

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  1. Atariplayer52 .

    Cool, but pricey. I just don’t think it would be worth 30 bucks. After all, I can just build my own.

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