Wii Wii Hats for Cute Babies

When a baby is born in the household, most friends and family buy gifts for him/her depending on what they think the child might grow up to be. Now if the parents are geeky and are stuck to the Wii, chances are the baby would be geeky too.

wii wii hat

So, if you have any geek parents around with a baby, you could go ahead and buy this cool Wii Wii, which is a baby hat made of stretchable cotton. It has a white upper portion and a green border which makes it look pretty clean and neat. It also has the words “Wii Wii” written on it, and when the baby grows up, it would automatically be attracted towards all things that has got to do with Wii.

DanielleQ sells these cool baby hats for $10, and I am sure it is a great gift to buy. You could also buy this cute Plush Dragon Ball Nintendo Stand, which looks quite appropriate for older children. Babies would never know what awaits them when they grow up, if they have geeky parents I suppose.

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