Be a silver lining of the dark cloud over Brimthule in Dawn of Heroes

Love to play strategy games? Searching for new ones? Your prayers are now answered. The Dawn of Heroes by Majesco games is just days away from being launched. So get ready for some great battles. Strategy games are always a pleasure for hardcore gamers.

These games give you a lot of choice on how to attack the computerized opponents by using your own creativity and intelligence. But sometimes missions were found disappointing as the enemies used to go for the kill when anything comes in front of them. This only led to the disruption of all the strategy worked out for the mission. But this time Wicked Studios and Majesco games seem to have worked it out. The brand new Dawn of Heroes has got about 50 missions. There are also side missions and quests.

Dawn of heroes

The story starts in the Kingdom of Brimthule. The country is endangered. A great beast Ragnakore attacked the kingdom and the only way in which the king can save his people is by entombing the beast into a stone sacrificed himself. Now the kingdom in absence of the king is endangered by beasts, monsters, curses and misfortunes. So to save the kingdom the players as people of the country have to battle these evils.

The game is very attractive because of its 3D graphics and also the huge span of the entire kingdom and its people. It has also 25 playable classes and therefore gives lots of genres of action. It has a streamline user interface that gives gamers command over all aspects of adventure. Also with its touch screen facility it is like a dream come true for you guys. But its only disadvantage is that it is available only in Nintendo DS version. Get it at $29.99 and enter into your new gaming world.

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