Mario Takes A Visit To The Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch

Guess who bid a fond farewell to the Space Shuttle on Friday morning? Why that plucky plumber himself, Mario.Mario at Space Shuttle Launch 1

On Friday morning a long chapter to the United States’ space program came to a rocket-propelled end, as Space Shuttle Atlantis took its last flight into outer realms of our precious blue sphere, Earth. The famous NASA spacecraft after 135 flights in 30 years will be retired once completing it’s current final mission.

I’m not sure how many of you managed to wake up and see this pretty big milestone in the U.S.A.’s age of space exploration, but from Twitter, Facebook, and on live TV, the final Space Shuttle launch seemed to be a resounding hot topic. It almost felt as if everyone across the world was in attendance to see the early-morning launch, and to my surprise, this included a videogame icon too.

Mario at Space Shuttle Launch 2

Joining the last Space Shuttle launch in person, was none other than that famous Italian plumber, Mario. Yup, the Nintendo starlet (who’s latest release will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS)made a bigger-than-life appearance down at the Kennedy Space Center near Orlando, Florida to bid god speed to the courageous astronauts about to embark on their mission.

And when I mean bigger-than-life, I really mean it — because for some reason Mario must of ate a mushroom power up and was as huge as launch sight itself. Perhaps he feared that ole’ stink-breath King Koopa would attempt to hijack the spacecraft in some wacky scheme to go back in time to the 1980s and kidnap President Ronnie along with the White House so that Kootie Pie Koopa would become Empress of America.

Mario at Space Shuttle Launch 3

If that’s true (and the Internet hasn’t told me otherwise) — then thank you Mario for once again saving the day, just like you did when King Koopa teleported to our world and wanted to turn humans into monkeys with his “devolver gun” that look sort of like a SNES Super Scope. Augh, what a mess that would of been!

Like seriously, I’d hate to have to shop for clothes with a tail-opening. Do they even making clothes with a tail-opening… Huh? What’s that guy I’m pretending to interrupt me? Oh that wasn’t actually Mario at the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch? Just a picture taken by Alberto Saldamando of El Mundo Tech with his Nintendo 3DS camera and augmented reality card? Ohh… Okay. My bad everyone, sowwies!

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