These Radio Controlled Pokémon Toys Will Drive Straight To Your Heart

Check out this new line of radio controlled Pokémon toys from Japan that are too cute for words.

Radio Controlled Pokemon Toy Image 1

Twenty years and still running — that’s how long Nintendo’s mini-monster collect-a-thon series, Pokémon, has been around. Amazingly, the brand over its far-reaching shelf life has transformed itself from just an ordinary staple of Nintendo-exclusive games and into a cultural force, invading everything from cartoons, comic books, trading cards, collectible items, and toys — oh lots and lots of toys.

From cuddly soft Pikachu dolls to plastic gizmo Pokédexes, the amount of Pokémon-themed stuff crowding the toy isle never seems to end. Why just look at what Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy has just recently released into the wild — a set of radio controlled Pokémon toys that are just waiting for unsuspecting strangers to walk into a tall patch of grass and pounce.

Absolutely adorable and cool, the line of Pocket Monsters: Achi-Kochi Pokécon (Pocket Monsters: To & Fro Radio-Controlled Pokémon in English) toys can instantly race off with the use of a tiny Pokéball shaped controller. The set comes individually in four recognizable faces — lovable series mainstay Pikachu, Pokémon Black/White water-type starter Oshawott, plus legendary Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom.

Radio Controlled Pokemon Toys Image 2

Now these radio controlled Pokémon toys can do more than just scare your neighbor’s cat by speeding into them like a berserk robot. They can also each perform special actions when moving forward or turning. Pikachu can do an almost-leaping forward charge, Oshawott’s arms spin like a rampaging tornado, Reshiram flaps its migty wings, and Zekrom thrashes his arms back and forth as if paying tribute to the late great “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Already available in Japane since April, each “To & Fro Radio-Controlled Pokémon” costs 2,100 yen, which is about $26 here in the U.S.A. Sadly the only place you purchase one online is through Amazon Japan, and the reason I mention sadly, is because they don’t ship items out of the country. Boo-urns, Japan, I say boo-urns.

Geeze, another ridiculously awesome thing from Japan that we might never get — oh beautiful world why can you be so cruel sometimes. No big loss though, we’ll soon have E3 and the unveiling of a new Nintendo console to take our minds off such a disappointment.

Via: Game Swag

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