‘Platinum’ Club Nintendo Members Receiving Set Of Super Mario Bros. Pins

Take a look at this set of lovely Super Mario Bros. pins — a gift for Platinum members of Club Nintendo.

Clubnintendo 2011 Platinum Pins 1

If you’re a Platinum member of Club Nintendo, guess what you’re getting as a year end gift to their Elite Status program. Pins! And not just a couple of pins, but a bright set of 25 commemorative pins featuring all the delightful 8-bit figures from the classic Super Mario Bros. game on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

You know, for some reason Nintendo sure does have a thing for pins — in fact I’m sure you’ve probably seen a fair share of these kind of souvenirs as Club Nintendo gifts before, once you’ve gone through the long task of registered enough games and filled out several questionnaires of course.

But this time around, all 25 pins come neatly packaged in six boxes that can be arranged to form a big picture of Mario, his mushroom power-up, or a Goomba.

How does one become a Platinum member, you say? By earning 600 coins (all that game registering and survey filling out I mentioned before) in a Club Nintendo year, which is from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. Thus by achieving such Nintendo loyalism, the title of ‘Platinum’ member will be placed upon thee.

Gold Members Gift Club Nintendo

For those of you in ‘Gold’ member status (that’s 300-Coins,) instead of the set of Mario pins you’ll be getting a desk calendar with a different Nintendo game theme for each month. Not exactly all too great (also it’s basically the same gift they gave out last time,) but it’s free and better than nothing… I guess.

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