Be a Dreamer, Be a Zoo Keeper

Animals are an integral part of the society, and the more we nurture them the healthier our society shall be. Unfortunately, nobody has time for that stray cat or the hurt crow, let alone the wild animals!

zoo keeper

Thus, if you want to even look at the wild animals, you would have to make a long and arduous journey to a Zoo.

zoo keeper monkey

However, if you play Dreamer: Zoo Keeper, you would be able to be a zoo keeper yourself and can take care of the animals right on your console. It comes with realistic and entertaining simulation, which makes it all the much worthwhile. You can take care of baby penguins, tigers, polar bears and elephants.

zoo keeper kids

If you take a good care of all the wild animals, you would get a pet monkey as a reward. Of course, you could choose to play as a boy or a girl. If you can’t handle wild animals on the console, just get these cool Piranha Plant and Octorok Crochet Dolls which are wild, and animalistic but they don’t have to be taken care of. Thus, you can devote your time to slaying monsters and demons in other games.

zoo keeper elephant

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