Zelda Wii Mod Paintjob is Perfect

When most people get tired of playing on their consoles, they would probably chuck it into the bin. The artists’ decision of what to do when boredom hits is what differentiates them from us lowly mere gamers.


This modder didn’t just have a cool idea in mind when he decided to go all out and transform his console into the hottest thing on the planet. The portrayal of the Twilight Princess is beyond compare; perfect is word way too mild to describe this amazing paint job.


Twilight Princess which came out a few years showed the fiery animalistic side of Link as changed back and forth from a lupine alter. The intensity of the character is captured in this Wii mod; you feel almost as though Link might jump out and maul you to pleasurable death.


The mod, which is also painted over with the Hyrule coat of arms, seems almost as though it is releasing the coloured features on its own. It’s no wonder the Wii mod earned the modder over $250 on eBay!


Via: GizmoWatch

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