New Super Mario Bros. 3 Gets 2.0 Update

Need more 2D Mario in your life? Why not check out the second update to this spectacular mod of Super Mario Bros. 3.

New Super Mario Bros. 3 Update 2.0 Screen 1

SKJmin’s impressive fan-remake of Super Mario Bros. 3 is getting a major update with version 2.0. The original Nintendo DS rom-hack was an almost perfect conversion of the timeless Mario classic on the NES, but with a modern New Super Mario Bros. graphical uplift, which we covered way last year.

With version 2.0 though, the fan-creation went back underneath the knife and received a large bucket list of new features and specs. For starters, SKJmins has spent the past months working hard on making the graphics to New Super Mario Bros. 3 a step beyond where they where at the time of version 1.0 – and boy do they show in the comparison video below.

New Super Mario Bros. 3 Update 2.0 Screen 3

Significant tweaks to the backgrounds of some of the levels, including simple effects like fog, have really made an already sweet-looking rom-hack even better. Plus if that’s not enough to warrant a proper download of version 2.0, then how about the additional 84 bonus rooms, a new final castle and over 30 different cameos that also come with the latest update for New Super Mario Bros.

Still missing from the update, is the big omission of the Tanooki Suit, Mario’s flying form that has the added benefit of turning into a useless statue. SKJmins mentioned in the YouTube comments for the New Super Mario Bros. 3 trailer, that there might be a possibility that the Tanooki Suit might be added in a version 3 of the hack.

If your hunger for 2D Mario is unsatisfying as mine is, then perhaps you should – through methods I can’t discuss here – check out the 2.0 update of New Super Mario Bros. 3. Plus the Mario mod is pretty challenging too, so if you want a true test of your platformer skills, have at!

Via: SKJmin YouTube Channel

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