Seeing Yoshi’s Insides Definitely Freaks Us Out

Yoshi, Mario’s little dinosaur pal, has run into a bit of a problem. The flesh…or scales, or whatever his skin is made out of, you see? Half of it has been violently peeled off. We suspect it’s the work of that jerk Bowser, who didn’t want Mario to get around. What’s worse is he propped him upright like something out of that creepy Bodies exhibition in New York.

Yoshi's Skeleton

While Mario’s noble steed will no doubt be missed, we can make the best of it by remembering him as he was in life. Wait! What’s that? Yoshi isn’t dead? That’s just a statue? Oh, man. That’s good to know–Yoshi’s too awesome to die.

Well, that doesn’t mean we can’t remember some of the cool moments in Yoshi history. Like when he was hatched and he thought Luigi was his mom. Remember that? You may not, because that was from the short-lived Super Mario World cartoon with everybody’s least-favorite little caveboy, Oogtar, an annoying little turd of a character that was written in to replace the Princess’ loyal servant, Toad.

Yoshi was actually introduced in Super Mario World, which debuted on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1991 and was also known as Super Mario Bros. 4 in Japan.

As it turns out, series creator Shigeru Miyamoto (also known for, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin and Wii Fit) had always wanted Mario to have the ability to ride a dinosaur companion of some kind. Unfortunately, the limitations of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) prevented this from happening. Knowing that Miyamoto tends to have very exacting standards for how games developed by his team should work, we imagine that it was tough to get an approval on a Yoshi-like character before the SNES hardware made the possibility a reality.

We’re glad it happened, because Yoshi has become an important character in the Mario universe.

Have a look at a similar Mario figurine, or just stick to the Yoshi love and enjoy this cute little picture of a cat snuggling with a Yoshi plushie. Trust us, it’s beyond adorable. We just want to squeeze the kitten AND Yoshi.

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