Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Shows Off First Fan-Made Level

Into the galaxy once again, as a savvy group of fans have taken upon themselves to give Mario’s recent planet-hopping dinosaur riding adventure some interesting new levels.

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What is truly great about Super Mario Galaxy 2 is that, for the most part, it is nothing more than the leftover bits and pieces from another truly fantastic game Super Mario Galaxy. A prime casebook example of the timely saying – if isn’t broken, why fix it.

To be fair though, I shouldn’t make it sound as if it was somehow haphazardly put together. This is Nintendo first-party software we’re talking about here, which means a good amount of time and well thought-out planning went into making Super Mario Galaxy 2 as robust as the original.

With vibrant new levels to collect stars in, fun new power-ups to attack goombas and the like, plus everybody’s favorite green long-tongued dinosaur Yoshi, Nintendo EAD managed to pull off another blockbuster success that resounded in big sales and much reinvigorated love from gamers everywhere.

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Now months after Super Mario Galaxy 2’s release, a team of devoted fans with that same reinvigorated love have begun creating their own skill-testing levels. Already the team, whose project is called Super Mario 2.5, has produced their first level mind-boggling level based off “Step to the Beat,” a level where platforms disappear for timed intervals.

In this fan-made remake, things have been turned up to the extreme and will make even the seasoned Mario veteran sweat buckets. Not only will need to master the spin jump just to time stepping on platforms precisely to avoid falling to your doom, you’ll also have to make proficient riding of Yoshi and use of his tricky jump.

Hopefully Nintendo will kind enough to not squash this impressive fan-made project, but if they do, then at least we will always have this YouTube video above, and if you’re not impressed with that, then lay your nerdy eyes on these cute Earthbound shoes or a rocking guitar in the shape of a Nintendo Entertainment System.

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