Canceling The A-Poké-calypse – LEGO Mecha Charizard

This is one rare pocket monster too cool for you to catch.

LEGO Mecha Charizard by Zane Houston image 1

I’m glad when two things I particularly love come together, much like a finely thought out plan by the A-Team’s Hannibal Smith. I speak of my love for Pokémon, and my love for giant robots and monsters found in movies like, oh say, a tiny little recent release called Pacific Rim.

Equally as awesome as Guillermo Del Toro’s homage to “guys in rubber monster suits destroying mini-replicas of Tokyo” is this creative mishmash by Zane Houston, a Mecha Charizard totally constructed out of individual LEGO blocks.

LEGO Mecha Charizard by Zane Houston image 2


Pretty rad? Pretty rad.

Apparently, Mecha Charizard is based off the mega evolution of the fiery brute in the upcoming Pokémon X and Y. Except for those crown and crossed-swords insignias on the back of its wings, Zane just so happened to use pirate sails from another LEGO set to make them.

I honestly don’t mind the use of other Lego sets to forge one complete beast; mostly because Zane went to complete lengths to give his creation some awesome details, like Mecha Charizard’s transparent belly, where you can see its circuit-y guts.

LEGO Mecha Charizard by Zane Houston image 3


Kind of cool. But kind of gross, too.

Not surprisingly, Zane’s previous LEGO projects – mostly all of same robotic persuasion – also have the same level of terrific detail. And if you don’t have much else to do at the moment, then you should head on over to this Flickr page to feast on his vast gallery.

Hopefully, you’ll return the favor and also feast on the latest Nintendo offerings here on WiiNoob, such as a Pokémon card that’s up for sale for about $100,000 (no, not kidding), and an amazing 3D chalk animation featuring Mario Kart.

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