Custom Made EarthBound Sneakers Are “Bound” To Impress

A pair of EarthBound painted shoes, featuring Ness and his world-saving companions, drawn and painted by a DeviantArt member, that look great whether worn or displayed.

Earthbound Shoes Image 1

There is quite a bit you can learn from someone just by what they’re wearing, and in the case of these mighty-fine looking EarthBound shoes, we can only conclude that a certain individual really loves a particular classic game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. (It’s EarthBound right?)

EarthBound is easily one of the more defining games for the system, and could be argued as one of the best of its RPG genre ever. It not only stands out in its visuals, with bright Saturday morning cartoon looks, but also a certain level of charm that carries throughout other parts of the game.

Yes, the story of a group of chosen individuals taking on a true evil bent on world domination has been told ad nausea. EarthBound is no different, instead putting children in that title role, but what makes it’s story stand out is a spice of well-thought out humor that not only pokes fun at its RPG tropes, but American pop-culture too (Blues Brother references for the win!)

EarthBound Image

It’s these collective pieces which have given EarthBound its much deserved fan following, despite hardly ever receiving the same treatment in the form of retail sales, or from its own publisher Nintendo — you can only play the game now only through original cartridges and non-legal download means.

That hasn’t stopped the cult support for EarthBound at all though; it only has made it stronger, as evidence with these EarthBound shoes made by a DeviantArt member by the name of MukuroY.

EarthBound shoes FINISHED by MukuroY

The shoes feature EarthBound’s physic-powered foursome of Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo, along with their nemesis Pokey (oh there’s Starman and Mr. Saturn too!) drawn and colored magnificently on top of your standard Converse branded shoe. Albeit in an anime-like style completely different from the game, but one I can still get behind because they look so cool.

Speaking of custom made, how about this custom Scion xB crafted with the Nintendo Famicom in mind, or this coffee table that looks exactly like a giant Nintendo Entertainment System.

Via: EarthBound Central

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