Wiimote With Inbuilt Phone And Video Player A Hoax?

The rumormongers and the pranksters are in hyperactive mode these days! One moment you could be delighted at the thought of owning a Wiimote with an inbuilt phone and video player and the next moment, you would find yourself fuming at a hoax such as the Wiimote Phone.

wiimote phone video player

For some of us, the feeling wasn’t alien when we stumbled upon this interesting gadget. It did sound too good to be true, but we were willing to take our chances. Fortunately, there was no scammer trying to make a quick buck, as the temptation could have got to us.

Thanks to this revelation by a fellow Wii-digger, we know for sure this Wiimote Controller image is fake and in all probability, the product as well! Yet, full of baloney, we are quite sure there is some inspiration to take. The idea of incorporating a video screen (and player) along with a phone into a Wiimote doesn’t sound too far-fetched to us. It might just be around the corner and the next time, there would be no farce we hope!

Via: Wiispin

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