Use Super Mario Brothers Paperclips and Push Pins at Office and Home

Super Mario Brothers and all the characters of this popular Nintendo game can transform easily into slippers, candy boxes, cakes and just about anything thanks to the creative designers and fans who never have enough of Super Mario Bros. Here are Super Mario Bros Paper clips and Push pins.


super mario bros characters paperclips

This set consists of three push pins and one paper clip. This is an assorted set of one power up mushroom, one 1 up mushroom and one goomba push pins along with one fire flower paper clip. This cute set comes for $ 2. These sets can be ideal give away token gifts in any parties too. Super Mario Bros inspired designs look quite trendy and cheerful. These push pins and paper clips can be used at office and home. They’ll make desks, drawing boards and important papers look less boring. A dash of color and design even in small things like paper clips and push pins can add color to the otherwise routine stuff. Kids specially will love to use these push pins and paper clips.

super mario brothers characters paperclips

super mario brothers paperclips design

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super mario brothers paperclips

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