Wiimote Phone Mod

Variety is the spice of life, I’d say! One never gets tired of looking out for the variety in models, be it appliances, gadgets, phones or laptops and especially this cool Wiimote phone Mod. People prefer buying such variety or at least looking at it for various reasons, whether it be for the new functionality, the new looks, the weird looks, as a collectible or simply because they are too damn bored of the old stuff.


Remember all the hype over the launch of the Apple iPhone, it was also part of the current affairs of the market for a long time, but that time has come and gone. Several new phones have been launched since, though not matching the same functionality and use, but to cater to the need of demand for variety by the public at large.

One such mod is the Wii Phone Mod, which looks smart, long and seems to cling well to the ear, but the real test would be to use it and find out for yourself. Back at Gizmodo, it has been put up against the iPhone for the title of the sexier phone, check it out and do vote for one!


People who are ‘hung up’ on phones and mobiles most of the time, would definitely at a glance, decide which is the better one, think the mod plays a better role as a gimmick, would,nt you say?

Via: Gizmodo

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