NES Controller Costume

Authorities in San Francisco are trying to hush up the story of a humongous more-than-life size NES controller that has taken to the streets and appears to be creating havoc by putting everyone under its evil spell. Apparently, anyone who comes into contact with this manic controller Gregoirevdb is challenged to a game, the refusal of which could cost them their non-geeky life.


Rumours abound that the giant controller’s favorite game for the challenge is Punch Out! and asking for a less violent game like Mario can anger it so much that it would devour you whole (the young boy you see being eaten up is still missing). SF authorities deny all the witness stories of this monster controller and insist it is just a prank. However, one cop revealed, under the condition of anonymity, that authorities will soon release a statement to the press with a cover story that the controller is just an escapee from an early Halloween party.

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