Wiimote Enabled Infrared Turret

If you were wondering what you could do in order to turn your USB missile launcher into something cooler, here is what you could actually do. With the help of a Wiimote, a Bluetooth enabled PC, Ducttape and Programmable input emulator, you could turn the USB Missile Launcher into an “Auto-aiming Autoturret”. The idea is to use Wiimote’s IR sensor to launch precision and infrared guided attacks in order to simulate what the soldiers actually do in battlegrounds.


Wiimote really seems to be encouraging a lot of people to come with great ideas as to how to mod or hack stuff in order to build awesome things, such as this cool Infrared-guided USB missile launcher. All you would need to do is follow the instructions given at links below. The resulting hack can however only hot IR targets and looks pretty cool.

There have also been other cool Wiimote based mods that have simply blown people’s minds. Take for example this Wiimote Mod Controlled Grapplers. It can lift up to 15 tonnes in weight! The Wiimote USB Flash Drive is a simpler yet quite a charming product that lets you scream out your console preference in front of your colleagues or friends.

Instructables Via: Gizmodo

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