Wiimote Toy for Cats with Bad Attitude

Of all the animals domesticated by men, cats have been the most mysterious and independent. Cats do not really seek out human company like dogs do, but they do show a lot of affection and they like to feel belonged in the house.

cat wiimote cool

cat wiimote cute

If you have a cat at home and you were wondering how you could make him or her feel included, you could buy this cool new Wiimote toy. It is soft, cuddly and can be used by the cat to hold, play throw around and bite. The GEEKitty gear at Etsy has many other products meant for cats. These products do not come with any glue, iron-ons, or metal pieces. They are made of non toxic and pet-safe material like felt, thread, stuffing and others.

cat wiimote weird

If you got this cool Kitty Wiimote for the cat of the house, I am sure he or she would show a lot more affection to you than they do usually. Moreover, cats are quite thankful though people assume that they are not grateful like dogs. It is just that cats are too cool to express their emotions with dribbling saliva and longing looks. They have the attitude! GEEKitty Wiimote costs $9 and is a great buy! If your cat wants something cooler, make sure you DO NOT give the Wiimote Pistol Mod to it, as cats really have BAD attitude sometimes.

cat wiimote

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