These Speakers Will Make You Go Wii!

The Wii gaming console has taken the gaming world by storm revolutionizing the way games are played and as with all popular new gadgets the market has also been flooded with a host of different accessories for it. One stand out though, among this throng of accessories are these Wii styled speakers.


The set consists of two speakers and a sub-woofer, the speakers are replicas of the Wii nunchuck while the sub-woofer is modeled on the Wii console. The colour scheme too mimics the original product with great accuracy making the wii console blend in perfectly with sub-woofer when it is docked into it. This set of high quality 2.1 channel speakers would definitely be a neat addition to the Wii living room and with the unique dock feature makes the whole system seem really compact and would enrich the overall gaming experience.

Though this design may not actually be as cool as a Redesigned Wii console it does offer the user a lot more. The speaker set will sell for just $50 when released thus giving it a great value for money

Via: Gizmodo

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