Wii Remote Mod Makes Games Even More Accessible Than Before

It seems more often now that we see some electronics wizards at work modifying controllers to work for people with physical disabilities.

Wii Remote Mod

In this case, someone modified a Wii Remote in a way that made it possible for someone to play games without having to struggle with button presses if they have a disability that limits their ability to press the smaller buttons on the controller.

Mods to make gameplay easier for those who otherwise can’t enjoy many of the games they’d like to play are some of our favorite, and often some of the most amazing. Just thinking about how someone was able to put together an idea from concept to finish and how they were able to come up with something that they were able to get to work as planned says a lot about some minds (Sadly, I wouldn’t say I’m smart enough to figure out how to do something like this. Fortunately, I have never been put in a situation where this kind of modification is needed.).

The website that shows this mod actually has full instructions for how to do this yourself, but they get way too technical for someone like me. It involves taking things apart and finding a way to put other parts together.

Still, if a mod like this is something you are interested in, or you just like the idea of having fun with electronics and trying to challenge yourself with that sort of thing, the link is right here: Instructables.

For the rest of us, there is always reading about cool mods and just wishing we could come up with something this practical. Like this GameCube controller mod that made it possible for someone to play one-handed, or this Wii Balance Board mod that allows children with disabilities to be more mobile (and made for one of the cutest internet videos of the summer).

Via: GoNintendo

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