Ninten”do” What Belkin Don’t — NES Cartridge Turned Wireless Router

Unconventional is totally right. Check out this working wireless router fitted into a NES cartridge.

NES Cartridge Wireless Router Image 1

I really wonder sometimes – what depths of boredom does one person have to go through in order to gut one piece of electronic hardware and then try to shove in to another. Maybe their internet went out for a week or something – I know that would drive me absolutely insane. (Just thinking about it almost drives me insane.)

Whatever the case may be, a modder at The Unconventional Hacker took apart a Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge and a Belkin Wireless Router and engineered it into one working creation. One that not only pulls retro video game strings with its NES cartridge shell, but also looks quite awesome with it’s own custom made Nintendo-style label.

NES Cartridge Wireless Router Image 2

Now the process of making a NES cartridge Wi-Fi router of your own isn’t as complicated as you might believe. All you need to do is take apart a NES cartridge (shall I recommend Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,) remove the motherboard, take apart the wireless router, solder the connections on to the… uhh… other motherboard thingy… hmm… then use a razor blade to cut the rectangle part… no wait, that was step two I think… wait what step am I on again?

Oh, okay – so it’s not that easy.

But just in case you want to throw caution into wind – you wild thing you – there is a step-by-step listing on The Unconventional Hacker website that will show you how to put together your own NES cartridge wireless router.

NES Cartridge Wireless Router Image 3

They even have a printable label on the site, exactly like the one shown, to slap on your own finished project too and be the envy of geeks and nerds on the internet. So have at.

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Via: The Unconventional Hacker

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