Wii Mod of Super Mario Galaxy

Gamers take it to heart when their gaming accessories aren’t perfect in their eyes. Instead of ranting about these hallucinated imperfections, however, they set out to set them right by pimping them up to make some real cool mods. Modder Ramon create a Super Mario Galaxy mod which is in a league of its own as a pure work of art.


The latest by modder Ramon is the Super Mario Galaxy Wii which is rad enough to be auctioned off on eBay. The Wii mod, which also has a Wiimote holder, is dedicated to Miyamoto for the creation of the legendary plumber. Most parts of the mod have been handmade or lasercut and repainted for a glossy finish. Declaring it the world of plumbers are the two cute spiced up Super Mario figurines which had once been a limited edition collectible.


The super cool looking Wii mod includes a total of 59 LEDs, 5 custom circuit boards and a compartment for recharging the lithium-ion batteries. Unfortunately, the customised console has already been sold off, the benefits of which would go to Child’s Play, a children’s charity started by Penny Arcade.



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