SNES Wii Mod

Nintendo fans never play it shy when it comes to creating mods of all things related to their favorite console. Whether it is the very new and favorite Wiimote or NES consoles that have seen the best of their days, modders can pimp things up and offer you a finished product that would have you drooling.


French modder, Kotomi, is not new to the art of creating mods and his SNES mod will prove he’s no novice at this. Kotomi’s Wii based Super Nintendo will play classic SNES cartridges and looks real chic. Kotomi modified the PCB so the cartridge port could be moved along the side and added blue lights to give it an ethereal look. Kotomi worked on the console for two months and originally meant for it to be an NES mod but apparently the call to go Super was stronger. Since it is Wii based, Kotomi titled this mod the Nii. Just get a classic controller and while away your time with the Wii Nii mod!



Via: Geekologie

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