Wii Fit Mod with Robot Labyrinth

Wii Fit has always been the game of choice for fitness freaks and Wii fans. Adding a couple of servos and Arduino to a wooden maze and connecting that with Wii Fit has in fact created a much difficult robotic game and a very creative Wii Mod. This however does not mean you would have to exert yourself but the game just gets a little complicated to keep the player motivated.

The game can be controlled by Wii Fit and is powered by Arduino, and is a sure way of enjoying a boring Sunday afternoon if you are in the mood for a robotic labyrinth game.

The game costs about $60 to build and is a very small amount to spend, though it does not include the cost of a Wii Fit. Looks like this is going to be a great game to play and will encourage others to come up with other ingenious ideas to make the experience of playing games more enriching and enjoyable.

Via: CowtownComputerCongress

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