Wii for Ankle Nintendo Mod

Sometimes you may think that Wii is the perfect console but do you think it has reached its optimum capacity? Perhaps even consoles could attain self actualization and reach their complete potential.

wii ankle fit

In a step to attain that level of technical completion, Sarai Noguez from Mexico has designed the Wii for Ankle. The design includes the Wii tabletop, the ankle strap, the controller and any extra straps to hold the ankle piece in place. The design should be perfect for Wii Fit and other such games which involve a lot of moving around.

wii ankle mod design

Moreover, the Wii for Ankle could be used to play kicking games and fighting games that involve leg action. Though it is not mentioned, I assume the design is equipped with motion sensor technology and if it is not, the design would be pretty lame. The ankle strap-on looks pretty chic and even when you play games that require a lot of physical activity, you would look pretty good when you shake your legs.

wii ankle mod

Talking about shaking legs, the Wii for Ankle is the perfect design for future games based on dancing. Wii is always known for encouraging an active lifestyle among players. The Wii Yoga is one such game which makes you healthy. You could try other mods such as the Wii Balance Board, which you could try and build on your own, and also the AnatoWii Nintendo Wii Design to learn physiotherapy skills.

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