Play Walk It Out and Stay Healthy

Though it is very important, most people hardly walk at all, leading to a very sedentary lifestyle. We always use the lifts, the car and public transportation and never do we walk up even for a few meters.

walk it out

This leads to a host of problems including obesity. One way to bring back the motivation to walk is to use one of the fitness video games like the Walk It Out. Walk It Out is published by Konami and would be released on the 12th of January.

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It would cost $27.99 and you could walk to the beats of about 120 music tracks and even unlock music tracks as you gain points. It is compatible with Wii Balance Board and Wii Dance Dance revolution Controller. At the end of the day, this game will make you feel healthier and less like the usual video game fan who leads a sedentary lifestyle on the couch.

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Wii is known for fitness games and we have already featured many fitness related games. You can check out AnatoWii and Wii Yoga, and both the games help you understand your body and how you could stay healthy. If you are bored of checking out games, you could also try the Wii Fit Mod which is a change from the usual as it comes with Robot Labyrinth.

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