Virtual Villagers: The New Home Game Is With Human Touch

It seems that now a days, Blood and gore become a part of gaming as all of them are nothing other then killings each other in different forms. There are hardly any other genre games being made now a day because of all these gores games. Among all these killing stuff, Last Day of Work had done a bold thing by releasing their awesome, sophisticated game called Virtual Villagers which is even though not full of action, but is excellent enough to grip the attention of the gamers. Now after three games and their success in normal consoles, they want the handheld devices like Nintendo DS to try them out and that’s why, here is “Virtual Villagers: The New Home”.

One day, a volcanic eruption destroys their home while killing many people. A lucky group who survive this catastrophe find themselves washed up on the beautiful shore of Isola Island. Their new home is seems to be really peaceful and fertile. Filled with fruits and fishes, the villagers start gather materials to make new home.

Virtual Vilagers Game

The player is the leader and has to assign tasks to the villagers to do things. Until the tasks are given, the villagers wander around while talking an chatting with each other. Many can even discover their new lover and have babies which will help the tribe to prosper.

Virtual Villagers The new home

This game has been given a human touch which is the main attraction of the game. There are many more commendable features which are sure to change the player’s aggressive mood and turn them into calm. With a price tag of $29.99, this game will be a good change for peoples gaming style.

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