Video Game Adaptation of The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X is a novel that was written by James Patterson. He wrote the novel for his son Jack who disliked reading. The story revolves around Daniel X who has the ability to create anything he wants to, just by thinking about them.

daniel xdaniel x screenshot

He uses this power to avenge the murders of his parents by an alien creature. Now, Daniel X has been recreated a s a video game and comes with an incredible speed and strength. He uses his mind to solve puzzles and creates objects out of nothing. He uses his knowledge and intelligence to drive away all the aliens who want to rule the world.

daniel x image

Players can take the pictures of their friends and family using the Nintendo DSi camera in order to involve them in the game and then allow Daniel X Alien Detector to find out who the real alien is. This is a cool game that shows that video game adaptations of novels are not as bad as they are proclaimed to be. In fact, they can be rather cool. You could also play Red Steel 2 which s a game filled with adventure, suspense and revenge as well. Daniel X has been announced for the Nintendo DS for only $19.99.

daniel x alien

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