Trauma Team Not Only An Intellectual Adventure Game But On Medical Science

To be a doctor and studying so many years is quite traumatizing itself, and for an intern its really necessary to get the practical experiences rather to the study only, to see in front the actuality, treat people and do such stuff.

Trauma Team Game 1.gifI guess all the Atlus’s members thinking match with people like me and so they have created a videogame which will fulfill all your wishes and your wildest dreams to gain the practical experiences, even if you are not at all to be a practiced doctor. Here is “Trauma Team” which is not only a killer videogame but even very informative too.

Trauma Team Game 1Trauma Team Game 2The game is basically divided into six Medicine fields with six different doctors and each one representing one field. This game gives the player an opportunity to play as a general surgeon, diagnostician, emergency medical technician, orthopedic surgeon, medical examiner and endoscopy technician.

Trauma Team Game 3Trauma Team Game 4When you are a diagnostician, you will be playing the role of Gabriel Cunningham. Hank Freebird is the tall and strong orthopedic surgeon of the game and a former member of the United States Army’s special Force unit.

Trauma Team Game 5Trauma Team Game 6The Medical examiner of the team is Naomi Kimishima. The Paramedics of the team is Maria Torres. CR-S01 acts as the main surgeon and Tomoe Tachibana is another shy surgeon and the team’s Endoscopic Surgeon.

Trauma Team Game 7Trauma Team Game 8This game has tremendous new features like 3D rotation of the patient’s body during some operation, thanks to the all new engine. The player will not only now perform autopsies but even investigate crime scenes and obtain additional information by analyzing and combining data from all the evidences obtained.

Trauma Team Game 9Trauma Team Game 10It’s an intellectual adventure game and will be released on 18th May, 2010. If you want to try it out then it can be booked with $49.99.

Trauma Team Game 11Trauma Team Game 12Even you can have a look some good upcoming Wii games like The Grinder or Red Steel II also you may like.

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