Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters Fan Art

The Super Smash Bros video games have been a huge success, the ongoing characters and newcomers are really providing to the fan’s delight. Here we see many beautiful characters from the newest Super Smash Bros Brawl that are provided a brand new sense of spirit, creativity and style.




Designer and Nintendo Fan Jayson Hotchkiss made a beautiful rendition to the Nintendo characters (and others) we seen in the Super Smash Bros games. Some of these look meaner, some cuter, and some may seem a little out pf place.



Some very familiar faces are: Super Mario, Bowser, Link from Zelda, Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Fox aka Star Fox leader, Yoshi, a more assertive Princess Peach, the Kong family, Samus from Metroid, Zelda actually gets aggressive and many more at Jayson’s gallery.



We usually remember these cool Nintendo characters and other video game characters to be loving and fun, so some of the images may scare some children. One thing we must remember…in all the games, the characters may provide a simple sense of innocence, but they fight off enemies, kill off rivals and bring the demise of foes…even though it is done without blood or gore…they do kill. Mario for example began as stomping on its enemies: cute or not, it is a little morbid.



Another thing is that Super Smash Bros Brawl is a fighting game, so this Nintendo fan art fits the bill remarkably and beautifully.



Wonderful job Jayson, these look amazing. Thanks for the pictures and info.

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