Latest Super Mario 3D World Trailer – It’s Meow-some!

This latest trailer for Mario’s next full-fledge outing on the Wii U is worth the stupid cat pun I just used for this post’s title.

Super Mario 3D World image 1

After all that’s been shown thus far for Super Mario 3D World, you’d think Nintendo would cool it with all the gameplay trailers. Like, we get it, awesome looking game is awesome; shut up and take my money and all that jazz. Sheesh. But I’m guessing with Nintendo in maximum desperation mode to sell as many Wii Us this holiday season, I shouldn’t be surprised with the hard advertising push. With a game as eye-catching as Super Mario 3D World, you’d be cray cray not to.

For this latest slice of promotional footage we get to see even more cat power-up shenanigans (cat-nanigans?), four-player cooperative hijinks, and lastly a fantastic display of wall-jumps, platform hopping, and everything in between. Truly, if Super Mario 3D World hasn’t excited you by now (I’d go get your head checked, personally), then this video should do definitely do it. And as for our “living under rocks for more than a year” friends, here’s your best way to get caught up on all this Wii U tittle has to offer come next month.

Finally! Super Mario Bros. 2 getting some R-E-S-P-E-C-T! I’ve always wanted Nintendo to bring back the different character abilities from that game, where Mario is all-balance, Luigi can slow-jump, the Princess can hover, and speedster Toad. Gives the game more personality and added mechanical depth than just using the bland character swaps Nintendo used in all of its New Super Mario Bros. games. Plus, you can play as more than one of them on-screen, which is a great bonus.

Super Mario 3D World releases for the Nintendo Wii on November 22 (in North America.) I know there’s a slight worry about the game getting lost in the shuffle of new consoles releasing in the same time frame (the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), but I feel like the draw of a new Mario game and a now cheaper Wii U, should be more than enough to leech a reasonable portion of that new console-launch hype over to Nintendo side.

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